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Crossfit Manerbio

Design request

CrossFit Manerbio is a CrossFit sports company located in Brescia, Italy. The main request was to have, after one year of activity, a new professional logo design, representing various values ​​such as: life, growth, transformation but also union, community, group. The company asked to me to create a Crossfit logo design from scratch.

Logo design idea

The design shows various alternatives available starting from the graphic icon and adding the naming. The main symbol of the sun transmits different values: growth, transformation, group and community as required by the design brief. There are also other values ​​such as continuity (represented by a cyclic form) and strength (through strong contrast), values ​​inherent in the sport itself. A dividing element in the naming that represents the recent merger of another similar company.

This Crossfit logo design finally suggests the message of relationship with others thanks to the play of contrasts, rays and the relative surrounding empty space, as well as to the circular shape. The logo can be conjugated in a simpler form by separating the symbol from the naming to be used when the size of the logo must be small with the symbol.

crossfit logo design - Favicon


CrossFit logo design.


Manerbio, Brescia (Italy)

Logo Design Color PANTONE 7540C 7737C
crossfit logo designer brescia
crossfit logo brescia
crossfit logo design
crossfit logo design

Crossfit logo design versions

Design study of all the versions of the CrossFit logo.

crossfit logo versions

Letterhead Design

Preview of the letterhead design in A4 format.

crossfit design A4

Real life example

Crossfit logo design appled to a real life example.

crossfit design Brescia

CrossFit wall design and T-shirt

Design of the logo applied to an internal wall of the gym and design of a t-shirt.

Alternative CrossFit Logo

Here an alternative variant, always included in the design logos that I deliver, presented to the customer along with other variants but then discarded.

logo crossfit design

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