logo design professional for a beauty salon

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Design client request

The customer came to us to create a logo design professional and a professional restyling of their corporate identity. This is a make-up studio and beaty center company. The initials of the name S and B are inside a circle, so that it could be easily used also on elements and circle supports such as buttons and belt buckles.

logo design idea

This logo design professional was created for a beauty salon and make-up studio. We tried to use the appropriate colors for the sector and to give a very well-defined and balanced shape to the logo, so that we could use it without problems also for window stickers or large supports. The original design has been maintained as much as possible by making improvements to the alignments and spaces. For the use on social networks it has also been created a simpler variant to use as an icon or in very small dimensions where the name can no longer be read. The initials S and B has been modified to be more similar to a symbol rather than a simple writing letters. The font chosen for the name is the Source Sans Pro.

logo design professional


Logo design professional for a beauty center and make-up studio in Milan.


Milan, Italy.

Logo Design Color PANTONE 468C
window sticker logo design professional
beauty center logo design professional
beauty center logo design professional

Identity design

Business cards and letterhead layouts were also created as examples of real use of the logo design professional.

identity design logo per azienda

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