Logo freelance temporary manager

Nicola Gasperini

Design request

Logo design freelance manager Nicola Gasperini. Temporary Manager, 20 years of Executive Management, Startupper. I make a new design for this freelance activity based on the initials of the name of the N and G logo. The initials were not very simple to put together, and the logo also had to refer to the activity of Temporary Management.

Logo design idea

Logo initials such as N and G by Nicola Gasperini are immediately identifiable in this logo design. The circular shape is desired and sought to convey a 360 ° preparation characterized by high levels of experience in various management sectors. The circular form recallsthe concept of temporary with the stylization of a clock, symbol of time. The N and the G are to be assembled in a harmonious and balanced way, while the final form will recall in its entirety also the capital G of Gasperini, giving more importance to the surname.

I tried to create a symbol that conveys not only the initials but also a modern style. There is also a variant with the slogan “Excecutive temporary management” combined with the symbol only. The tagline has been expressly capitalized to distinguish itself from the main name (intentionally in lower case) and to promote readability. The single color chosen is a mix of green and blue.  The chosen color suits the type of business and attributes elegance to the brand itself.

logo design startup


Logo design freelance management.


Roma, Italy.

The color chosen for this logo design freelance is suitable for the type of business and gives elegance to the brand itself.

Logo Design Color PANTONE 446C 7474C
logo per freelance
logo design startup initials ng

Logo freelance manager – Symbol with initials

This logo presents a second variant of the logo and tagline.

logo per freelance

Letterhead design

Example of letterhead in A4 format with the design logo freelance.

logo per freelance design A4

Design powerpoint presentation

Powerpoint presentations are an important tool for the customer. I create a modern and tailor-made design for this logo freelance manager.

logo design startup powerpoint