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Suspension and shock absorbers restyling design

Client request

Kolb builds and tunes Öhlins Racing’s racing and sports car shock absorbers and is the only company licensed for the Czech Republic. their cars. The request was to create a brand restyling and a new logo.

restyling idea

During the discussion phase of the brief on the design of the new logo, the idea that a restyling was the best choice to renew this brand, despite a creation from scratch, always seemed clearer.

Although new and valid ideas have also been created, which you can see at the end of this article, in the end a restyling was opted for.

This logo is of the word type, and represents a niche sector, but in which importance and aesthetics play a leading role. First of all it would be ideal that the logo give a spirit of uniqueness, hi-tech and performance. We immediately made it clear that the tagline and slogan of the logo were not legible enough, and that the name should give a sense of movement, speed, but at the same time control. The restyling of the brand had to make the brand itself make a qualitative leap, but without losing its recognizability and history.

branding restyling brand dampers company


Brand restyling, and business card design.


Prague, Czech Republic.


299 C 123 C 430 C
restyling brand design dampers kolb
restyling brand azienda
restyling brand dampers kolb
restyling brand sospensioni ammortizzatori

professional business card

The restyled logo is presented on a business card.

restyling brand dampers sospensioni sportive

Alternative logo proposal

The alternative logo variants are not a restyling, but logos created from scratch, which reflect more the reference to shock absorbers and with a harder and more racing-oriented character.

restyling brand design alternative

Do you need a new restyling for your brand?

Sometimes restyling is the better solution than redoing a logo from scratch. Fill out the design request form today to receive an offer tailored to your needs!

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