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Maxi Cork


Ecommerce logo design for a website (electronic commerce), which sells high-quality stylish handbags and other travel items like umbrellas and hats made of cork. Strong reference to sustainability, as the products are biodegradable.

eccomerce logo idea

The logo represents three basic but strongly effective symbols: the Leaf, the Cork and the Tree. The latter, encompasses the other two reaching a harmonious synthesis. Its shape, in fact, represents the easily recognizable shape a leaf, which is not just any leaf, but that of the Quercus Suber. It also inspires the concept of “green”, especially when presented on a green background by means of the tagline.

The overall impression, it certainly is attractive, basic and eco-friendly, this is the reason why the logo is, sustainability and recyclability, through the green colours, and draw attention to the primary material, Cork, thanks to the brown color.

favicon for Logo design e-commerce


Ecommerce logo design for an online shop.


Cadrezzate, Varese, Italy.

Logo Design Color PANTONE 7532C 728C 360C
ecommerce logo design cork products


Through the green colours, this ecommerce logo design can convey the idea of eco-sustainability and recyclability.

ecommerce logo design eco friendly

ecommerce logo design WITHOUT TAGLINE

Design of the logo without the tagline “Green Fashion”.

Logo design for e-commerce

ecommerce logo / social icon

Design of the symbol (favicon). Including to this logo design e-commerce, from which derives the idea of the logo, it can be represented by a unique symbol that immediately identifies itself.

favicon design

real-life SAMPLE

E-commerce logo design applied to a real-world example.

logo design e-commerce
ecommerce logo design cork

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