Brand identity design Velvet

luxury coffee drink

Client request

Velvet is a coffee-based drink, it means velvet and must be synonymous with good quality, our main target audience is women. The Velvet Coffee brand identity design will represent a luxurious, feminine, soft, quality and high-end product. Also the packaging box design of the products will also be developed (container and sachets)  This Malaysian producer requested the creation of a new logo design and brand identity that conveys very specific values.

Brand design idea

The Velvet Coffee brand design will represent a luxurious, feminine,soft, quality and high end product. This wordmark logo represents a luxury brand of coffee-based instant drinks named Velvet.
Femininity, softness and elegance are the strongest characteristics that appear from the logo together with an attention and care for details. The tagline written in an italic and feminine font can be used to clearly define the reference sector, for specific product or to supporting the brand design identity.

Examples have been created for the three flavors: Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha, with different combinations of colors and backgrounds. The design of the logo is serious and professional, absolutely non-trivial and capable of conveying a strong reference to the meaning of the name itself “velvet”, a soft and luxurious fabric, synonymous of quality.

The burgundy color chosen refers to the velvet combined with a cream color and blue to identify other tastes.

surface brand design letter v initials


Brand identity design, logo design and stationery design.


Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


216 C466 C646 C440 C
Brand design Velvet coffee
Brand design concept
concept surface design
velvet product design logos
Brand design velvet product

Materials to reinforce the brand identity design

The logo design is presented on real media, such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes.

Brand design identity design materials

Surface design

The logo symbol is the the initial V, that can also be used separately to create icons for social networks, or it can be used effectively alone to identify the company or, again, to give life to graphics and backgrounds surface to be used for both traditional and digital communication. Especially for the packaging, this surface with the symbol of the “V” can be highlighted on the boxes, giving to the touch an effect similar to velvet, or with UV relefction printed effects.

surface design
surface brand design

Alternative logo proposal

The alternative logo design variant gives another option, with the coffee symbol in the initial letter V and a different font type for the brand name and tagline.

alternative logo design

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