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Client request

The customer, a jewelery store in Bellano on the lake of Como, requested a complete restyling of their brand design and logo. The main request was to make the logo and the whole identity more modern and attractive. A secondary request was to maintain a strong connection and reference to the place, precisely the Bellano on the Como Lake. After the logo design we created the design ecommerce.

Idea and concept design

The logo created blends perfectly together the initial letters monogram “O”, “P” and “B” (the initials of the name of the Oreficeria Paruzzi Bellano) and maintein a strong connection to the territory and in particular the Lake of Bellano. This symbol is made up of 3 parts that refer to various elements and colors (YELLOW/ Gold and BLUE / Lake) and which, all together, give life to the symbol which has different meanings inside: the symbol of the waves of the lake, the stylized shape of The Como Lake, the concept of craftsmanship and gold processing conveyed by the symbol and the initials of the O, P and B brand.

This symbol can be separated from the logo to create autonomous backgrounds and graphics to further strengthen the visual identity of the brand.

The type of font used is modern and professional and its geometry and style make it very technical and precise.

First of all the  jewelry logo had a primary variant: vertical centered,  “Stamp” style variant, and a variant horizontally aligned to the left.

jewelery logo identity design como lake


Jewelry store logo design and design, brand design and stationery design for printing. Flyer design.


Bellano, Lago di Como – Italy.

Website Design

301 C7621 C433 C
jewelery logo blue identity design
concept design jewelery logo como lake
packaging design jewelery logo como lake
social icons design jewelery como lake
social icons design jewelery como lake

Jewelry store identity design

The logo design is presented on real media, such as business card and letterhead, with a preview of possible solutions for the website.

identity design jewelery como lake

Flyer Design

Personalized flyer design in harmony with the brand identity design of the jewelry.

flyer design jewelery como lake

Alternative logo proposal

The alternative logo design always represents the initial letters “O”, “P” and “B”, and the ring symbol, examples of different fonts and colors, but with less reference to the lake concept.

alternative logo design jewelery

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