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Client request

Letter B logo design for engineering consultancy and design activity for software and electronics in the industrial automation sector. The idea comes from byte + exploration, or rather the idea of ​​accompanying customers in exploring new information technologies to embrace the new paradigms of industry 4.0.

Idea logo design

First of all the logo design created merges together the letter “B” (the initial of the Bytex company name) and the letters “e” and “x” (representing the abbreviation of experience), placed at the end of the Bytex name. This symbol recalls various concepts and has different references: symbol of infinity, then the symbol of the hourglass which recalls time and its optimization in the industrial sector, and lastly the workflow and industrial automation represented by the 3D shades of the symbol. In conclusion,  the symbol also conveys a reference to the digital world very well thanks to the colors and the type of logo created for the Bytex writing.

Workflow and automation, are the base idea, that is amplified by the use of the logo to support the identity, creating backgrounds and graphics to further strengthen the visual identity of the brand and the related values ​​to be communicated.

logo design lettera b icona


Logo design with letter B concept for industrial automation business.


Pisa, Italy.



The logo appears modern and serious due to its geometry while playing with the shape (which when colored with shades and not a flat color) gives the idea of ​​3D and a strong reference to technology and the technical world. Colors chosen for this logo design are suitable for the type of business and give a reference to the digital world.

Logo Design Color CMYKC100 M95 Y5 K0C70 M15 Y0 K0
logo design lettera b
logo design lettera b spiegazione concept idea
logo design lettera b branding

Letter B logo design – Social icons

The logo icon can also be used separately to create icons to be used for social networks.

logo lettara b social icons design

Brand Identity design

The logo is presented on real media, such as business cards and letterhead, with a preview of the responsive coming soon page of the site.

logo design lettera-b brand identity
logo design lettera b brand identity

Alternative logo design proposal

Alternative logo variations reference the Fibonacci sequence, the pinwheel and the infinity symbol. The company name is also presented in different styles and fonts.

logo design lettera b logo alternativo

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