Product logo design for a MedTech Startup


Client request

The customer’s request was to create a product logo design capable of adapting to various uses both on the web, for print and on social networks . Furthermore, harmony of product logo design was requested with respect to the company logo .
Hylomate is the brand name for a range of products that will be marketed by Hylomorph.
The products are implanted together with other implantable medical devices such as pacemakers and breast implants, to separate the devices from surrounding tissue thus avoiding that these devices are recognized as foreign by the body.

Logo design

This product logotype design is available in various formats depending on its use. Name + icon, name, icon, square format and with extensions. The parent company logo Hylomorph and the child logo of the Hylomate product have both in common the graphic symbol with the blue circle and the H. The symbol is composed of an irregular shaped container which encloses and incorporates the circle and the empty space around the circle have to be interpreted as a protective layer between implant and body.

This concept of protection of the biologic and irregularly shaped container surrounding the cicle can be easily identified through the symbol.


Product logotype design for a medtech startup in Zurich.


Zurich, Switzerland .


Logo Design Color PANTONE285C640C

Product logo design with extensions

Versions with product extensions (sheet and pouch), are also provided.

Product icon design

Three different product icon designs are provided, to use on social networks, apps or on the web.

Alternative logo proposal

With the general design of the logo, an alternative version of the same idea will also be provided. This is an alternative idea of ​​the logo design, where the same symbol is reflected and completly closed, the colors are inverted.

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