Logo design mask

Brand design clothing store

Client design request

The design request was to create a logo design with a mask, inspired by southern Italy, using a baroque mask as a basis. Many values ​​are communicated: exclusive, luxurious, youthful and above all Italian. The naming must also have a design that conveys these values ​​and be in harmony with the symbol.

Idea logo design mask

This clothing store logo design is supplied in different variants depending on the uses. The logo transmit the Italian character of the brand and the luxury clothing sector, both thanks to the symbol and the typically Roman type used for the name. It is possible to attribute the following values ​​to the brand: luxurious, eccentric and above all Italian (the reference to southern Italy is very strong). I specifically highlighted the naming and it can be used as a stand-alone logo. The baroque face, in addition to being inspired by a typical Italian baroque mask, also presents floral and faunal references. I choose a color that refers to a black with a slight shade of dark red.


Logo design mask for a luxury clothing store. Business card design.


Rome, Italy.

Logo Design Color PANTONE439C

Business card design for a clothing store

The symbol can be used very to give life to backgrounds and graphics to be used on numerous paper and print media, such as catalogs, websites. Here an example of a front and back business card.

Social networks logo design

Different social netwroks icon designs are offered to use on social media, apps or on the web. There are two versions with the symbol of the letter M and a detail of the baroque mask.

Real life examples

The logo is also presented on real supports and real life exampls, here an example of a store signboard.

Alternative logo design

An alternative version of the same idea will also be included with your new logo desig! Here an alternative variant of this luxury logo clothing with a more classic style and with another baroque mask drawn with lines.