Design mark and logo for women’s products and accessories


Client request

The main request was to design a professional wordmark design. First of all “Amelia” will be a new line of women’s products and accessories, quality will be the main message to be transmitted with a strong reference to the female target.

Design mark

To create a professional wordmark design I focused my attention on the “A” of “Amelia”, that is very special cause it is possible to see a woman’s face in profile, glasses, hat, eyelashes and female nose. This profile of a woman once recognized will make the design mark very difficult to forget. In conclusion the naming created is very feminine, to imitate a handmade writing.


Design professional logo for women’s products and accessories.


Milan, Italy.

Logo Design Color PANTONE681C426C

Design mark idea

A of the “Amelia” logo represents a woman’s face in profile, a reference of glasses, hat, eyelashes and a woman’s nose.

Previews of the wordmark design on different backgrounds

The mark design demonstrates an infinite ability to adapt to different backgrounds.

Real life examples

The real life examples were created to provide an example where you can see the mark design used, an example of a possible handbag to show how the symbol of A can be used, on textile surfaces, engraved, laser … etc …

Favicon design

Design of the brand favicon in different styles.

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