Kindergarten logo design


Design request

The request was to create a kindergarten logo that conveys trust and pleasure. The Liloom kindergarten in Milan also required me the creation of a wordpress professional website. A kindergarten where children can be in touch with themselves, with others and with the world, through their emotional experience. Emotions are the compass that guides every individual in his growth process.


First of all, this kindergarten logo deign is divided into several parts that can also be used separately. The name “LiLoom” is designed by hand, simulating the style of a sewing thread that culminates with the needle inserted into the frame (white space). This logo design transmits the message of relationship with others, especially thanks to the “embrace” of the two “or” that have continuity and harmony between them, though different in color and shape.

The colors chosen for the design logo refer to the baby (pastel blue) and the little girl (fuchsia pastel).


Logo design, identity design and wordpress website design for Liloom kindergarten in Milan.


Milan, Italy.


Logo Design Color PANTONE673C2905C

Kindergarten logo design – Secondary design logo with loom frame

The logo has a second variant inside the loom frame.

A4 letterhead design

Example of A4 letterhead paper in line with the asylum design logo.

Design T-shirt

Example the logo design applied on T-shirt.

Wordpress web design

Kindergarten WordPress web design in harmony with the identity design.

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