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“A business will surely be more profitable if it is represented by a professional designed logo, which is carefully studied, by a professional logo designer, to communicate the right message to the target sector.”

Startupdesignpro.com is a service providing professional graphic design and identity design services created specifically for start-ups. Startups that need a logo or a brand identity for their products and services. A modern study of their corporate image which can hit the right audience and attract as much customers as possible. My professional logo designer services are also to companies, who need a renewal and want to update their  image and communication. The identity design is an integral and fundamental part of any successful company, and when it is correctly developed it contributes to increase the profit of the business.

I’m a professional logo designer and I develop the whole design for the start-up: the logo, the company’s image, the web-site, with professional quality at competitive prices, based on my customers’ budget.

You can have a look at some of my works here under.

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Logo brand identity design
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Product logo design
Professional mark design packaging
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Financial company visual identity design
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Design services

A professional logo design is designed to work in different contexts and formats. Whether it’s business cards, websites or promotional materials, a competent designer considers the versatility of the logo to ensure its effectiveness across all platforms.

Professional logo design

No matter how attractive your company, product or service is to your audience, if the logo design does not correctly represent your strengths and values.

Brand restyling

A professional brand restyling, which maintains the identity and original soul of your current logo, but with a more modern and contemporary style.

Logo guidelines

A guide that defines the minimum dimensions of the logo, the empty space to be respected (clear space) and under which circumstances the logo can be used on different images and backgrounds.

Professional brochure design

When we talk about “print design“, we summarize all our services that concern professional printing. We design flyers, brochures, catalogue, and much more in the format required for professional printing.

Professional web design

In an era where image is everything, a company’s logo design and website play a crucial role in defining the visual identity and communicating the brand’s story.

Packaging design

Packaging Design plays a key role in the sales process. Within seconds, the customer must pay attention to the POS and the packaging must convincingly convey the style and story of the brand.


My name is Davide Campagna, I am a professional logo designer with more than 10 years of experience my headquarter is in Milan, Italy. I am a freelance designer working under the trade name: startupdesignpro.com devote myself to my work with passion and I particularly love to create professional design for brand identity. My goal is to develop a successful design either for new companies and start-ups or for companies that just want to up-date and improve their brand.

All my logos designs are unique cause I base my work on a logo design process that I have perfected over the years, in order to guarantee effective results.

We design your ideal logo

We can design the ideal logo for your company or product, thanks to the experience and a professional logo design process, offering the best opportunity to make an excellent impression on the market, on potential investors and partners, companies or by launching your new product in the best possible way.

Unlike other logo designer I devote a long time to study and analyze your company’s history, your goals and your target public to define with you the values which will be represented by the new identity. The logo design of your business will not be just unique, it will become the expression of your company and it will last. A new logo will give you the possibility to successfully communicate, interact, keep in touch with your customers more effectively than in the past.
Here you can better learn the logo design process that I apply to all my projects.


To design the perfect logo for your business and convey the right message, I need to understand your company, service or product carefully, and therefore its audience. In this first phase I will submit a questionnaire, designed to find out as much as possible about the business and target audience.


One of the most important parts of any design process is research. The study of your company, its history and competition are fundamental to arrive at the right design and to give birth to potential new ideas.


When I work on identity design projects I use techniques to generate a set of valid ideas. This is typically a very organic process, and can vary from project to project. Any idea that comes in mind will be explore in depth.

Once several drafts have been prepared I will have an incubation period of at least two days, in which I will no longer work on the ideas developed previously. This time is effective because I can consider new ideas, and then return to the initial drafts with a richer perspective.


Your new logo design will be presented to you in all the necessary variants and formats, together with a sketch of the company identity image. The logo will be presented to you in various sizes and styles, with or without slogans, with different colors (and all the PANTONE color code references) together with explanatory notes on the decisions taken and how the graphic idea was born.


Once we are both satisfied with the work and the final logo design, I will deliver all the necessary files, and all the individual formats to use the logo both for the web (websites, social networks, etc.) and for printing (brochures , flyer, business cards etc.).

Upon request, a manual of your logo in PDF will also be prepared containing all the rules that characterize the optimal use of the logo and its identity design.

Which advantages you will get to hire a freelance logo designer?

Maybe you’re a startup that starts from scratch. Is it good to invest in a better design?

If you are in an area where the esthetics can increase your income for exampls :food and drink area, hospitals, art sectors, financial services, fashion and beaty, health etc. you will get sure big benefits working with a professional identity designer freelance.

A professional and modern identity design can help you:


Instead of making your logo with word or powerpoint, a professional logo designer will immediately show to your customers that you have not just arrived on the scene yesterday.


A strong identity design remains in the minds of customers. Become immediately recognizable and familiar.


Customers are always attracted by the pleasure of a well-done image that conveys trust, professionalism and attention to detail.


Materials, prints, and elegant designs convey to your customers the idea that your business is prosperous. Customers always prefer companies that are successful.

A professional identity design style guide

The homogeneity of the company’s image is fundamental, this must always be kept independently from the media and forms used by the company to address the audience. Upon request, I can supply an identity style guide about the use of the logo including all the details about font, colours, dimension and other useful information. This kind of specification can be particularly helpful when the logo is distributed to commercial partners or third parties. In this way, the rules concerning your image are established and they shall be respected by whoever uses your identity design.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
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Being a startup you probably have limited initial money. A freelance logo designer, for obvious reasons, is certainly less expensive than an agency and this free capital that you can invest elsewhere for your new startup.

Is it better a freelance logo designer or an agency?

When it comes to brand identity and logo design for startups, here are a couple of reasons why a single freelance designer might be better than an agency.


With startups it is important to move quickly, launch your brand and start creating revenue as soon as possible. A large agency may have fantastic resources available, but they are not fast as freelancers.

Not just for startups!

We also collaborate with large companies and design agencies

We have collaborated with hundreds of International and Italian companies, from small and medium-sized companies, to corporations.


Do you need a logo designer freelance to start to create the corporate image for your start-up, or do you need to redesign your communication? Contact me today and you will receive an offer and more information!