who I am

an Identity designer

“Thanks to my 15 years experience as with different internationals companies, I’m able to manage the realization of ideas from scratch and make it ready for market.”

My name is Davide Campagna and I’m an identity designer based near Milan, in Italy. I am often active for works also in Switzerland and in particular in the areas of Lugano and Basel. I have over 15 years of international experience as identity designer freelance and graphic design and production including, web design, UX/UI design, corporate identity, logos and brochure. I make freelance design and development works for individuals, small and large companies, and other design firms.

Coordination of resources and consultancy

If the project requires the creation of professional textual content, translations or special developments, I’m able to coordinate a professionals team. I always find the right tool, approach, style, persons and combination of these resources to render digital solutions. I always choose the most efficient way that meets the needs and the budgets of the customer.

Uniqueness and attention to details

Your confidence is that your logo design will remain modern and impactful over time, and will be able to attract the right customer.

All at lower prices than those of sector agencies.

what i offer

my services

Each project represents a new challenge for the development of customized graphics solutions. Thanks to my many years of experience and a vast network of clients and start-ups, I am able to offer professional  graphic design services for your startup, company or agency.

Logo design

Logo restyling

Visual Design

Identity design

Logo style guide

Brochure design

Web Design

Wordpress design

how I work

my method

“A professional logo designer, before starting the design phase, must invest time to study and understand the business, listen to the client, understand his doubts and his strengths.”

A badly designed logo will have a negative effect on the perception of your business, but a visual image designed with care and with a professional method will be able to transform a business or a startup, attracting the right people and customers. My working method, over many years of experience, offers the best and most effective results. As a visual designer I am proud of the positive testimonials received from each client at the end of a project.

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