Vector logo design for eco interior furniture startup


Client design request

Kibelis needed to create a vector logo design for his startup active in the design sector: in particular furnishing accessories, products for the person and similar categories. This logo was requested in text + icon format, and the main features requested by the client were: ability of the logo to work well and not lose recognition with or without icon, be minimal and elegant, flat, symbolize the philosophy of Kibelis without being banal (for example no leaves, no trees, etc.), be reproducible and recognizable on various formats because it can be laser engraved or marked on textile and wood.


Professional logo design and business card design.


Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy).


Logo idea

First of all the logo design idea start from the symbol of wireless, emblem of communication and daily in front of everyone’s eyes through smartphones, in order to transmit through it the concept of NFC communication that products will have: these will be interactive, capable of communicate with the user, a feature that I consider essential. In the design of the graphic symbol are immediately identified the initials of the brand, such as the K and the B, just to insert in the logo the meaning of the name Kibelis (KI – Cibele).

A minimal style characterizes both the symbol and the naming with simple, geometric and precise lines, predisposing the logo to be printed or engraved on particular materials such as wood. The union of the figures also creates a stylized leaf shape in the center of the symbol, precisely to convey with authority also the eco-sustainability of all the products related to the brand. The symbol as a whole in fact has a strong relationship with floral and naturalistic decorations.  This logo remains implied, to be discovered, just like the communicative aspect of the products.

Logo Design Color PANTONE336C
vector logo design
vector logo designer kibelis

Vector logo design with slogan and negative version

The logo design shows a great ability to adapt to different backgrounds. The tagline has been expressly matched to the logo and also to be removed without affect the symbol.

Engraved and marked logo

Real examples of the logo design on various formats. Possibility to be laser engraved or marked on a textile or wood.

vector logo design kibelis

Modern business card

The symbol has a strong relationship with floral and naturalistic decorations, so in the design of the business card I inserted a background created by repeating the symbol several times (texture – surface) to get a strong appeal to eco nature of the startup products.

Design logo favicon

Favicon design in different styles.

Alternative vector logo proposal

A secondary variant of the logo in vector format is proposed pushing more on the concept of wireless communication of the products with a more standard font than the primary version.

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