What is the brand restyling ?

The concept of restyling brand applied to the visual identity touches different areas of communication, from the website to the packaging of the product, from the appearance of brochures to social graphics, to the business card and above all to the logo design.

I want to explain when and why the brand restyling is the ideal solution to give a new sprint to your business. The restyling of the branding is a “soft” intervention aimed at modifying the logo design, for example by changing its font, colors or shapes. But that’s not all: you can also create a new brochure and other graphic material for both the web and for print use.

Brand Restyling: Before and after

The goal is to rejuvenate the brand, make it more modern and more consistent with the reference context and the market to which it is aimed for. It will have to convey all the values of the company and maintain continuity with the old logo.

The restyling logo tends to respect the principle of “less is more“. When restyling a logo it is essential to maintain consistency with its previous version, already known to the market.

Restyling brand made for an international company that produces the latest generation suspensions and shock absorbers.

confronto logo restyiling

company logo restyling created for Tang, which takes up the old logo, making the new brand recognizable and at the same time making it more modern.

logo restyiling comparison

restyling logo created for a MedTech Swiss company. The previous logo was unprofessional, home-made, heavy and not modern enough.

professional logo restyling comparison

Corporate design and logo restyling created for Sicimi, which offers solutions for thermoregulation in industrial plant engineering.

confronto logo restyiling

Logo restyling created for a non profit logo design. With a small budget, this organization was able to radically improve its image.

Identifying a few targeted but decisive shots is a job that only an expert and creative eye is able to fully perform. On the other hand we are not talking about a n easy job, being able to improve what already exists is much more difficult than starting from scratch, it is a task that is far from easy to do. In fact, it is not enough to thin the lines, choose another color or change a type of font: every decision must be reasoned and motivated, and first of all consider the company values and the perception of the brand.

A professional identity design style guide

The homogeneity of the company’s image is fundamental, this must always be kept independently from the media and forms used by the company to address the audience. Upon request, I can supply an identity style guide about the use of the logo including all the details about font, colours, dimension and other useful information. This kind of specification can be particularly helpful when the logo is distributed to commercial partners or third parties. In this way, the rules concerning your image are established and they shall be respected by whoever uses your identity design.

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Which advantages you will get to hire a freelance logo designer?

Maybe you’re a startup that starts from scratch. Is it good to invest in a better design?

If you are in an area where the esthetics can increase your income for exampls :food and drink area, hospitals, art sectors, financial services, fashion and beaty, health etc. you will get sure big benefits working with a professional identity designer freelance.

A professional and modern identity design can help you:


Instead of making your logo with word or powerpoint, a professional logo designer will immediately show to your customers that you have not just arrived on the scene yesterday.


A strong identity design remains in the minds of customers. Become immediately recognizable and familiar.


Customers are always attracted by the pleasure of a well-done image that conveys trust, professionalism and attention to detail.


Materials, prints, and elegant designs convey to your customers the idea that your business is prosperous. Customers always prefer companies that are successful.


Logo and Identity design process

Designing an effective logo is not a quick or easy process. It requires research, thought, care and attention to ensure that the final logo is addressed to the correct market and communicate the right message and values. A poorly designed logo will have a negative effect on the perception of your business, but a carefully designed logo will be able to turn a business or a start-up, attracting right people and the customers.

Below I’ve prepared an overview of the accuracy of the process of the logo design that I apply to my projects, which in my opinion, has the best and most effective results to help boost the potential of your business or product. As a logo designer, I’m proud of the positive testimonials received from each customer at the end of a project.

As a logo designer, I’m proud of the positive testimonials received from each customer at the end of a project.

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