“Before beginning any graphics draft a logo designer must begin the design process, taking the necessary time to study and understand the business, to represent the values to transmit and the correct target audience, to create a precise set of objectives. I apply a consistent logo design process to your new logo or brand, to ensure that the outcome is not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but that is appropriate to your business. “

Designing an effective logo is not a quick or easy process. It requires research, thought, care and attention to ensure that the final logo is addressed to the correct market and communicate the right message and values. A poorly designed logo will have a negative effect on the perception of your business, but a carefully designed logo will be able to turn a business or a start-up, attracting right people and the customers.

Below I’ve prepared an overview of the accuracy of the logo design process that I apply to my projects, which in my opinion, has the best and most effective results to help boost the potential of your business or product. As a logo designer, I’m proud of the positive testimonials received from each customer at the end of a project.

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In order to design the perfect logo design for your business and convey the right message, I need to understand your company, service or product, and therefore its audience. At the beginning of the project I will submit a questionnaire, designed to find out as much as possible about the activity and target audience. Every answer and request will form the basis to make the decisions used during the graphic design phase.


The research is one of the most important part in the logo and identity design. The study of your company’s profile, history and competitors, as well as the individualization of the target audience are fundamental to achieve the right design. This is the phase when new ideas, which can inspire the design, take shape. This research will make your image unique.


When I work on an identity design I use techniques which result in group good ideas. This typically is an organic process, and can vary from project to project. I will sketch any idea that comes in my mind to explore its potential soundness and its further development in the project.

After having explored the idea I will start to work on the sketch with the software Adobe Illustrator. It’s a program of vector drawing which allows that the logo design is scalable without losing the quality of the image even of large dimension.
Once a good number of sketches are ready I will not work on the already developed ideas for at least two days. This period is necessary to take into consideration new ideas and to go back to the initial sketches with a richer prospective. Then I examine again all the realized sketches to select the most suitable ones to be presented, refining the works where necessary.


Once the sketches are ready I will create a PDF document showing all the necessary variations and including a rough idea of the entity design. The logo will be presented in various dimension and styles, with or without slogan, in different colours (and all the references to codes, colours and PANTONE).
These graphic sketches will be those that I will consider as the most suitable to your business. The final choice will be yours and naturally there will be no limits to the applicable changes and improvements, till the attainment of the desired logo.


This is my final step of my logo design process. Once the projects have been delivered and both parties are satisfied of the final design, I will prepare all the necessary files to show each variation. Variation in black and white, colours, with or without slogan, for the web publishing and for printing. Upon request, I can issue a PDF document, about the rules to be applied for the optimal use of the logo, so that it can be correctly used even by third parties and always in accordance with the company’s identity. In the future If you need to elaborate new graphic material in accordance with your company’s identity just contact me and I shall be at your disposal.


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