Which benefits startups have to collaborate with a startup identity designer?

A professional identity designer and a well thought out and unique logo will make your startup stand out in a very crowded field. Many startup founders decide to take the easy road, to simply make a nice logo with a minimum cost that is around € 100, relying on people that have very small experience with the professional creation of brand identity. Sometimes they unfortunately decide to make the logo by themselves, maybe with microsoft word, keynote or even powerpoint.

Your logo is the most important part for your startup, the first pillar, and creating a solid identity will also provide a solid foundation for your company and your future communication to your potential customers. It’s the fundamental and primary part where you have to invest time and money. Identity and logo design for startups should be considered as a unique digital fingerprint: no one else owns it. Developing an original and modern identity requires creativity and many steps, the drawing up of a brief, a direct comparison with the identity designer, the search for possible competitors, the ability of the graphic idea to adapt and spread on all the necessary supports, both digital and traditional. This will separate you from the crowd.

Three great benefits that startups can get:


In a very crowded field of competitors such as startups, a distinctive identity and logo design will make you stand out from the mass. Getting noticed is vital to success.

Logo style guide created for GIID (Switzerland)


An identity and logo design that are created with a professional process and with a logo style guide to style well-researched and documented, gives your brand identity scalability. As you grow, the elements of identity are ready to be applied to new products and marketing materials.

website design created for GIID (Switzerland)


A well-designed identity for your startup adds value to your potential investors or buyers. Your investment can generate a higher return than what you have spent because buyers are emotionally attracted to what you have created.

On different levels the Startups have different design needs

If you are a little more aware of what a brand means and are looking for your target market, it may be time to invest in the design of your identity collaborating with a professional identity designer . The visual identity that we would create together will reflect the unique personality of your brand, create desire in your customers and amaze potential investors.

Not all startups can afford to spend a few thousand euros for a complete identity design. If you’re still testing your ideas and you just need anything to put on your business card, you could use a website that generates low-cost logos, taking into consideration the fact that others have access to the same clip art and the same images offered. You’ll probably end up renewing your logo very soon.

Is it better a freelance identity designer or an agency?

When it comes to brand identity and logo design for startups, here are a couple of reasons why a single freelance identity designer might be better than an agency.


Being a startup you probably have limited initial money. A freelance identity designer, for obvious reasons, is certainly less expensive than an agency and this free capital that you can invest elsewhere for your new startup.


With startups it is important to move quickly, launch your brand and start creating revenue as soon as possible. A large agency may have fantastic resources available, but they are not fast as freelancers.

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