Brand, identity design and logo, what is the difference?

The design of a logo is not only the creation of the image of the logo itself, but also the creation of the whole corporate identity that surrounds it. Design blogs and websites are full of terms such as: logo design, identity design, brand design, brand indentity, corporate identity, branding, digital strategy etc. .. etc.

As a freelance identity designer, I want to be clear with my clients about what I really do.


The brand is the set of total values ​​that the company transmits.

Perceptions, feelings and ideas, experience using an app, or the feelings you experience when entering in a store, the thought that customers have when they think of that particular brand. It is marketing, the experience that everyone has with the company, the product or the online service, offline or in person, is obviously the logo and the business card too. The brand is everything that people have to do when they interact with it.


A series of visual elements that characterize the brand.

When you start the branding process, what you are trying to create is an identity. Just as you do with people who are given an ID card to make them unique and always recognizable from everyone else.

An identity is a set of visual elements of a brand:

  • Logo design, fonts, colors, letterheads, business presentations, business cards, envelope and materials that you share with business partners or customers.
  • Non-visual communications – Radio announcements and similar audio communications.
  • Messaging: the most direct ways to communicate with the public
  • Marketing material: books, websites, shops, brochures and flyers.
  • Product packaging:  it is important to consider how the packaging and design fit the image of your brand.
  • All other visual aspects that represent your business are part of your brand identity.

Example brand style guide for a client.

Example corporate identity and logo design for a client.


A logo represents a company.

A logo can just  be a simple icon, a written name, or both, which immediately communicate to potential customers the name of your brand and what it does. Of all the visual parts that make up the corporate identity, the logo is the strongest and most direct element to make your image unique. It’s like a tag, an immediate identifier, a tool to help communicate and represent a brand towards the target audience.

Here a list of works created for my clients as a freelance identity designer.

Benefits for small companies and start-ups

Maybe you’re a startup that starts from scratch. Or maybe you are already active in the market and you are wondering whether to update your corporate identity in order to improve your presence on a bigger audience and improve your communication. Is it good to invest in a better design?

If you are in an area where the esthetics can increase your income for exampls :food and drink area, hospitals, art sectors, financial services, fashion and beaty, health etc. you will get sure big benefits working with a professional freelance identity designer.

A modern and impactful identity design can help you a lot:


Instead of making your logo with word or powerpoint, a professional image will immediately show to your customers that you have not just arrived on the scene yesterday.


A strong identity design remains in the minds of customers. Become immediately recognizable and familiar.


Customers are always attracted by the pleasure of a well-done image that conveys trust, professionalism and attention to detail.


Materials, prints, and elegant designs convey to your customers the idea that your business is prosperous. Customers always prefer companies that are successful.

identity designer SERVICES

For our graphic studio each project represents a new challenge for the development of quality visual solutions. The basis for this is provided by our conceptual, graphic and technical know-how. Startup design pro offers professional graphic design services to your business and products. Thanks to our many years of experience and a vast network of clients, we bring your product image to the next level. Based on your idea, we take charge of the entire process from design to delivery and offer customized solutions for corporate design and printing.

A professional logo with an identity design with an impactful and unique website design is certainly the best choice to show your new startup design to the public. Whether to best present your idea to potential investors, or to launch a specific product or service directly online.

To make a product or service attractive for the market, we offer a list of graphic startup design services that will help your visual comunication and will correctly reflect your strengths and style.

Logo design

Logo restyling

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Logo style guide


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