Here’s a brief portfolio of effective and modern brand identity design which I created following the logo design process, tested by me over the years. I have had the opportunity to work for many Italian and foreign companies, operating in the most different sectors. Below you will see some examples of my work. If you like what you see you are on the right track!

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professional logo design for zurich luggage shop
logo design basel painting company business card design
professional beverage packaging design bottle syrup label
professional web design medtech switzerland
french restaurant logo design and professional menu design
professional logotype design dental studio new york
industrial company logo restyling
Switzerland medtech company identity design
design logo lettera b
brand packaging bottle design
brand design lugano hair boutique svizzera
design wordpress website
accountant startup branding design freelance
restyling brand dampers company
logo restyling marchio
branding studio
word mark logo design
design branding identity digital sport innovation
packaging box design container sachets
application frontend design icon-set
design marchio branding design letter p
brand identity letter initials
e-commerce design
concept design corporate christmas card
surface brand design velvet
logo jewelery
hoodie Star Wars ugly sweater
Logo brand identity design
Visual identity fireworks show
design logo brand identity letterhead business card design
packaging product design identity around
logotype design for dental surgery office
Product logo design
signboard shop beauty center visual identity logo
Design logo clothing fashion luxury
Label packaging logo cosmetic product
Logo asilo


“Before beginning any graphics draft a designer of logos must begin the design process, taking the necessary time to study and understand the business, to represent the values to transmit and the correct target audience, to create a precise set of objectives. I apply a consistent design process to your new logo or identity, to ensure that the outcome is not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but that is appropriate to your business. “

Designing an effective identity design is not a quick or easy process. It requires research, care and attention to ensure that the final logo is addressed to communicate the right  values. A poorly designed identity will have a negative effect on the perception of your business. A carefully designed logo will be able to turn a business or a start-up, attracting right people and the customers.

Instead of making your logo with word or powerpoint, a professional identity designer will immediately show to your customers that you have not just arrived on the scene yesterday. As an identity designer, I’m proud of the positive testimonials received from each customer at the end of a project.

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