Modern logo design with an Italian flair


Client request

ElettriCo is a new, young and small startup in the electric mobility domain. They are a couple of engineers exposed to Italian Motorsport (F1, etc) designing electric leisure karts that go really fast, green and noiseless! This startup asked me to project a futuristic image along with an Italian flair (Italy being famous for racing and passion). They were looking for an Italian Logo Designer to design their brand/ logo/ wordmark for the name ElettriCo.

Logo design idea

ElettriCo chose me because I am an Italian logo designer (cause Italy is famous for racing!), and my main task was to channel this characteristic into the logo design. So the main values to transmit are: Speed and elettricity!
I didn’t want to use a go-kart symbol, but I liked to write the name in a particular font (that remind racing meaning) and to give the speed and elettricity idea to the first E, that will become also the symbol of the company, that can easily associate with the tagline “future of speed”.

The logo design shows various alternatives available starting from the graphic symbol of the “E”. The naming has been modified in a unique way, more inclined to give even more the idea of ​​speed and properly proportioned and cutted. Another element linked to the races is above the “i”.

The main symbol of the “E” transmits different values: first of all the speed idea, the electricity given by the lines from the letter “E”, and a forward movement (towards to the future) of the whole logo is transmitted by the “E” and inclination of the naming. The logo can be conjugated in a simpler form by separating the symbol from the naming to be used when the size of the logo must be small without the icon.


Italian Logo design for Startup, Modern Business card and Letterhead.


India, Chennai.

Sito web

Logo Design Color PANTONE2728C424C
italian logo designer create go kart race logo design

Logo design on dark backgrounds

These colors used are closely linked to elettric meaning (blue elettric gradient), and the logo in generally works very well in black backgrounds.

Real life example

Go-Kart and T-shirt real life example.

italian logo designer make logo design elettric go-kart india production

Modern Business Card Design

A professional Italian logo designer must be able to convey all the values ​​and styles created with the logo design on any type of support. In this modern style business card the sense of speed and the icon itself is spread both on the front and on the back.

Letterhead design

Same style presented in the business card is also replicated on the letterhead, for a basic corporate identity.

Favicon design

Three different type of favicon are designed.


Secondary alternative of the logo design is proposed pushing more on the concept of races tracks and on the “e” symbol.

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