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Client request

The client’s request is to use a combination of 30% “The Wizard” logo archetype and 70% “The Creator” brand archetypes (you can learn more about what logo archetypes are here).

The goal is to become a global brand that provides a wide range of refined flavored syrups that enable the customer to succeed in their business. By offering a fine-tasting syrup with every bottle we fill, we’ve created something great for people and businesses to create their own beverage.

Idea logo design

Gullo’s is a gourmet syrup brand, sold to coffee shops and bars around the world. This design relates to the concept of the archetypal brand and specifically the creator brand archetype. It also features a reference to the typology of the wizard’s brand archetype, thanks to the drop-shaped icon that also complements the letter “g” of gullo.

The creativity is within the geometry of the font, with the use of identical circles for the letter “g” and the letter “o” by gullo.

In conclusion, the idea of ​​the circle in the font also serves as a reminder. The circular meaning of the font refers to the glass of drinks, coffee, milkshake, etc…

First of all the drop icon has several references: first of all the reference to syrup, drops to add to soft drinks and drinks, as well as being the final part at the top right of the letter “g”. It is used to support the identity, creating backgrounds and graphics to further strengthen the brand’s visual identity.

logo packaging design


Logo packaging design for a company that produces syrups, brands and packaging design concept.



The colors chosen for this logo design are pure black and white, so that the logo can be colored according to the tastes of the syrups.

Logo Design Color CMYKK100K0
logo packaging design
Logo packaging design
Logo packaging design
Logo packaging design business card

Logo packaging design – Social icons

The logo icon can also be used separately to create icons to be used for social networks.

logo packaging design concept social icons design

packaging design

The logo is presented on real life example, such as a bottle of syryp with some solid proposals for the packaging design system, which adapts to any format and size of labels (250ml/700ml ).

logo packaging bottle design
Logo packaging design product design

Alternative logo design proposal

Alternative logo variants always refer to the same concepts. The company name is also presented with different styles and characters

logo packaging alternative proposal

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