Packaging and identity design


Client Brief

The request was to create a new brand and packaging design for a company in Milan which produce technical items in rubber and silicone. The new brand will focus on the production of design objects for the home and beyond. It was necessary to create a modern wordmark logo design, which immediately referred to the design sector, design of cards to be included in the product box and the design of the packaging itself in three different types: cube packaging for caps, packaging box for bottle coaster and tablecloth.

packaging design idea

This wordmark design recalls simplicity, elegance, and a strong connection with the word “around” and with the symbol of the circle and of something “that surrounds”. The element characterized by the “a” identifies the symbol, which can also be used alone to immediately recall the Trademark. Rounded and geometric shapes of the logo also refer to the material and textures used in the products (there is a real preview directly on some products: trivet and bottle cap).

The dot inside the symbol is strongly connected with the slogan “Design around you” cause the objects will occupy spaces and elements of everyday life.

packaging design identity design prodotti around


Packaging design and identity design for a startup that produce silicone design objects.


Milan, Italy.


Colors also play an important role. Since the logo is very neutral, it can be easily combined with color shades in order to identify different collections, products or specific sectors.

Logo Design Color CMYK432C7473C
identity design around
packaging design identity design

Ticket / Card to be included in the product packaging

With different colors it is possible to have different business cards depending on the category or product color.

- packaging design prodotto

A color for each product

Colors play a very important role in this packaging design, and can be easily combined in order to identify different collections, products or specific sectors.

packaging design business card design

packging design

The soul of the packging design is the logo design from where the whole identity is taken up.
A container cube was designed for the caps, of the box of the silicone bottle coaster.

packaging design around

Alternative logo design proposal

With the overall logo design we will make, an alternative version of the same idea will also be provided so that you can decide between two different variations.

logo design alternativo

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