“A professional logo design represent the company in the market and must transmit the correct message to make the business more profitable. It is my job to help you to realise this ambitious aim.”

It does not matter how your company, product or service are attractive for the audience, if the logo does not correctly reflect your points of strength. An unsuitable company identity will attract the wrong audience for your company. Time is precious so better not risk wasting it dealing with potential customers whom you are not really interested in. This is a relevant problem when starting a new business. I elaborated a logo design process, which I apply to every project, aiming to make sure that the brand can communicate the values and points of strength of the company.


Before developing the graphic drafts, I closely work with my customers. Through the drawing up of a brief, that will be filled, completed and confirmed by the customer, it will be outlined a synthetic list of goals which will guide me in creating a professional logo expressing the values to be communicated to the market: this will result in logo which will be optimal for its goal, a the same time my customers will perfectly assisted in building and acquainting themselves with their new identity.

When I submit you the graphic drafts I will explain you in detail how the graphic idea has been achieved and the process of its realization, I will also supply suggestion about the most suitable direction to reach the greatest success.

If want to learn more about the creation of a professional logo design look at the process of the logo design creation.

What do you get with a professional logo?

You will directly work with me, I will personally assist you during the whole Logo design process, and afterwards giving the necessary support to create all the formats which you may need in the future. I have ten years of experience in creating logos for small and medium companies.

Once the graphic draft of the brand will be completed, I will supply the designs of your new company identity in different, formats either for digital and web application and for printing. I always consider all the information technology supports you will use for the new logo. This is the reason why both the black and white and the monochrome versions will be included, allowing cheaper printing costs if necessary, and to make the logo clearly readable also when its size is a small one. The files for the printing will be supplied in scalable vector format (AI, EPS o PDF) and in raster format for the web (transparent PNG).

The colours of your future logos will always be defined according to international standards (PANTONE), so that they can be easily printed by any professional printer around the world.

Which files are delivered for the logo design?

Once applied the final touches and the design is confirmed I will deliver:

  • All logo versions confirmed in color, white and pure black (with and without slogans) in png trasparent format (web use, social etc.)
  • All logo versions confirmed (with and without slogans) in pdf format (printing use)
  • Possible versions in file of specific files such as: .AI .EPS .DWG .DXF .SWF .SVG to be used for web animations, laser engraving or for special purposes.
  • Logo version reduced to Favicon or pure symbol both in format and for web and printing use.
  • Header and footer ready to be inserted in word documents, to be used as digital letterhead.

What features does a professional logo wear?


Delivery of all logo design variants in vector format (PDF / AI). Ready for professional printers.


A professional logo design to be defined as such must be readble to any size, especially in small sizes.


An idea of ​​a complete identity design will also be outlined, as an example of the quality and flexibility of the logo design.


The use of the logo design will also be sketched on real supports: business cards, letterheads, etc., depending what the customer prefers.


No changes limits on to the graphic idea created, until the desired design has been confirmed by the customer.


With the general design of the logo, different alternative ideas will also be provided.


The logo design will be measured and balanced to achieve maximum harmony and recognition on every sizes.


Professional logo design use colors defined according to international standards (PANTONE/CMYK), to be easily manage by all the worldwide printers.

Info about formats delivered

This will be the basis of the actual design of your logo, I will present a document with my work in all variations, and different backgrounds, your corporate image is then sketched in different ways. Depending on the type of design the new logo will be represented only symbol, with and without slogans, with black and white variants, and an accurate description accompanies the graphic concept, with the reasons that made me choose one way rather than another. There you will also find information on PANTONE colours and their identification codes used, along with information related to the used font/s.

Needed for printing in 4 colours (cyan, Magenta, yellow and black). I will post the CMYK version in vector format, to facilitate the placement of your logos in all media dedicated to the printing. Scalable vector files (AI, EPS or PDF).

If the design allows it I will provide a version of the logo to allow minor printing costs. Scalable vector files (AI, EPS or PDF) ready for printing

They will be supplied variants only in plain black and only in plain white. These versions will be used if the logo should go on dark or very clear backgrounds and photos. The white colours version is very useful and fits well with coloured backgrounds, which may be of the same colours chosen for your identity. White and black versions can very often resolve problems of visibility of the logo on special backgrounds.

Unlike the format for printing (CMYK), RGB colours version is used to be displayed on the web and on screen. Files in transparent PNG format as well JPG format are provided on the default background. They will also be optimized and compressed to an effective use on the Internet.

Favicon represents the icon that the browser will display on Internet. Upon request, I also provide other sizes according to the devices and to specific resolutions and APP, for both Apple and Android.


You are a company and do you want to create a new company image? Or do you want to renew and modernize your communication? Fill out the request form today to get a quote for your professional designed logo!