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Customer request

Over the years we have succeeded in making our company known in Sicily and then throughout the national territory and also internationally.
With this new visual identity we want to convey the passion for this activity to the spectators who attend our shows through the search for the perfect synchronization and harmonization between sound, time, rhythm, symmetry of effects and choreography.

Design idea

The logo and the visual identity strongly recalls the firework and the moment in which it explodes in a night sky. The symbol has been geometrically composed of dots that imitate the effect of firework and the stars on the sky.

In conclusion, circle that contains the graphic symbol and thanks to which it is represented “cut” including the sky at night and also gives the symbol a sort of 3D effect.

The logo design is elegant and transmitting a strong reference to pyro-technic shows. The initial of the name and surname and the “Painters of the sky” payoff fix very well the the sector and will support the communication and the visual identity.


Visual identity and corporate design for fireworks show company.


Palermo, Italy.

Logo Design Color PANTONE C98 M86 Y35 K32 C0 M54 Y88 K0
visual identity fireworks show
Visual identity fireworks show

An all-purpose logo

This symbol can be used effectively alone to identify the company or to create graphics to be used for both traditional and digital communication. An alternative circle-shaped version has also been created from use for social networks.

Visual identity fireworks show

Visual identity

In conclusion the logo is presented on real media, such as business card, letterhead, mobile devices, and directly on a t-shirt. The color chosen refers to an elegant midnight blue and a bright orange that match well with each other and maintain readability on both light and dark backgrounds.

Stationery visual identity fireworks show
T-shirt visual identity

Alternative logo proposals

During the elaboration of your new identity I will be present you with 2 or more different versions and ideas of the logo, based on what decided in the drafting phase of the brief, and costs chosen. Below are also presented alternative variants with the use of yellow instead of orange and different logo ideas.

Visual identity design fireworks

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