Brand identity design

Logo and web app design


Auromoney’s web platform provide financial services based on purchasing, depositing, and selling gold directly online.
The real goal is to allow users to invest in physical gold with extreme simplicity and offer a trading platform linked to their current account or prepaid AuroCard card simulating the functionality of a current gold account. The company has turned to me to create its own brand identity design with a golden section logo design based.

Brand identity idea

The brand identity design invokes immediately the shape of the gold lingot, located inside the “A”, which is also the basic symbol of the design logo. There are two small horizontal gold bars in the horizontal and one larger, in the empty space that is formed inside the “A”. The AURO brand was built using the golden section as the basis. This solution makes the “AURO” brand convey the concept of the golden section without giving them immediate visibility.

The brand “AURO”  may be combined with the word “MONEY” to complete the brand name. Also the word “MONEY” is based on a structure that refers to the same golden section logo design used for the word “AURO” but reflected. Thanks to this design, the main brand “AURO” is able to be with other words in order to create other sub-logos that will retain the main identity. The “A” symbol has a predominant role, which has been attempted to transmit with the greatest of “A” also a reference to Egyptian pyramids, another symbol used to refer to the golden section logo design.


Brand identity design, credit card design. Responsive design responsive web platform and public website.


London, United Kingdom.

Logo Design Color PANTONE7405C425C

Primary logo design

The main pillar of a professional brand identity. The logo design.

Negative logo design

Logo design in the negative versions.

Additional logo design

Additionals logo design for all the related products and services.

Golden section logo design

Study of brand identity design based on the golden section.

General design overview

General overview on possible use of golden section logo design and colors.

Design credit card and mobile app

With the global brand identity design, we also created a version of the “Aurocard” logo, a credit card design combined with the design of the mobile app.

Design Banner ads set

The goal of a banner is to communicate values ​​and messages directly. The banner must persuade the user to click, and must be conjugated in different formats without losing the global brand identity.

Favicon design

Favicon design in different styles.

Icons design

Design of icons and graphics to match and use on website and app.

Platform responsive design

We tried to replicate the style and colors of the logo almost everywhere on the platform, with the style on the buttons, using the same shade of the logo (in two different gray / gold).

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