Corporate identity design for a facility management company (Italy)

Copernico facility management

Customer request

As a corporate identity designer I was asked to create, starting from the logo design, all the corporate identity for Copernico, a facility management company in Rome. I created a simple but effective business cards for all the staff, the company brochure and of course a modern and responsive website all coordinated the new corporate identity. For the logo, the client wanted the Copernican planetarium to be used as a symbol base. Object not easy to translate and to use as primary symbol of a logo design.

Corporate identity study

Only a professional corporate identity designer can always keep the same character and style everywhere. For this reason I decided to make a lot of use of photographic material to represent the services in conjunction with vector graphics derived from the logo design.
Copernican planetarium identifies the logo design in a stylized  graphic symbol.
The symbol succeeds in successfully identifying the Copernican planetarium, combining a good reading ability to all the dimensions that a logo must necessarily have to be defined as such.

This logo is also joined by the “FACILITY MANAGEMENT” tagline to immediately clarify the corporate target. First of all, main symbol that characterizes the entire corporate identity is the planetarium that transmits different values: on the one hand, experience and professionalism, while on the other, simplicity and immediate recognition against the competitors. A lowercase font was chosen for the name “Copernico”, with soft shapes that are pleasantly shared with the curves represented in the symbol.

We all know it! The corporate identity designer are colors lovers! For his reason I choose green shades (green british).


Corporate identity designer and art director,  modern business card design, elegant company brochure and professional responsive website design.


Rome, Italy.


Logo Design Color PANTONE349C3308C

Adaptability of the design logo

The logo shows an excellent ability to adapt also to negative and mono color versions.

Professional and modern business card

As a freelance corporate identity designer the business card are a passion for me!

Professional brochure

Also the brochure are another corporate identity designer passion!
This brochure design has been studied in depth to ensure a harmonious corporate identity even on paper format. The main style is characterized by photo of faces that represent the different services.

Icons design

Design of custom icons to represent the statistics of copernico’s services.

Favicon design

Favicon design in different styles.

Professional website design

I tried to replicate the style and colors of the logo and corporate identity created also for the design of the website, where photos of the various services play a predominant role.

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