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Financial investments company


This startup in Lugano (Switzerland) provide investment services and asset management. They supply assistance as “advisor” and “strategical planner” in economic matters, and the related services including financial intermediation to individuals and institutions, as well as to sectoral operators in Switzerland and abroad.
The company turned to me to create from scratch the corporate identity design and to transmit through this picture, the idea of a young and dynamic consulting service, multicultural and performance oriented customers.

Final solution

My final solution of the corporate identity design is a symbol representing the initials of the brand with a style definitely masculine and aimed at mature audiences. At the same time providing a sort of “game”, evidenced by the line that interacts with dots of the initials of the brand, creating a financial chart showing a positive development. The graph line is growing, facing up, and the two “ii” including points, are an integral part of it. The red colour is the same as that of the Swiss flag. This symbol was placed in a polygon tilted shape to give more movement, making the shapes more playful and less serious. For this corporate identity the font chosen is serious and balanced, much more formal and neutral with respect to the symbol.

identity design - favicon design


Study and creation of logo design and corporate identity for a financial company. Business card and letterhead design. Logo guidelines, and Christmas card design. Website design responsive.


Lugano, Switzerland.


Logo Design Colour PANTONE 485C K80%
corporate identity for a financial company
corporate identity - Logo negative design

Style guide logo design

The logo style guide, includes information on the fonts, pantone colors, minimum size and details on each logo version.

We can provide, upon request, Style Guide showing how to use your new identity. The logo Style Guide will include information related to fonts, colours, sizes and details of usage for each file format.

identity style guide - freelance identity designer

Professional website design

Modern design and responsive corporate web site.

corporate identity - Website design
corporate identity startupdesignpro intelligent invest


Professional corporate identity design with business card and letterhead.

immagine aziendale - biglietto da visita per azienda finanziara
identity example - freelance identity designer


Christmas greeting card design: front and back.

Corporate design - Christmas greeting card design
Corporate design - Christmas greeting card design

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