Design hoodie Star Wars ugly sweater

ugly sweater Concept


Being a fan of Star Wars and ugly sweater graphics, I decided to create a series of ugly sweater hoodies. The third Friday of December in the Anglo-Saxon world is known as ‘Ugly Sweater Day’, the day when all lovers of Christmas-inspired T-shirts, can finally wear with pride.

Concept hoodie Star Wars ugly sweater

This graphic is inspired by the Star Wars spaceships fighting with laser beams and the figure of a very Christmas Stormtrooper with reindeer antlers. The Death Star descends from the top of the hoodie Star Wars ugly sweater and is inspired by the Christmas holidays. There are some spaceships of the Empire: the TIE/rb, the TIE Advanced, the Star Destroyer. The Alliance has the following spaceships: the Millennium Falcon, the X-wing Fighter and the Y-Wing Fighter. As is suggested by the name “ugly sweater” style means ugly, and the “ugly” in the graphics is characterized by very large pixels, and poor quality. In my opinion, this feature makes the style unique and very cool.

Felpa Star Wars ugly sweater


Concept design hoodie ugly xmas sweater .


Varese,  Italy.

design hoodie star wars ugly sweater
detaglio grafica Star Wars ugly sweater
grafica Star Wars ugly sweater
Felpa Star Wars ugly sweater blu

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