Design dental surgery logotype

logo letters S, D and P

Customer request

Two dentists (wife and husband) want to create a logotype design for their dental practice that gives a sense of professionalism and is immediatly identified in a healthcare sector. The request is to create a monogram logotype with the initial letters of the surnames: The letter D, the letter S and the letter P.

Monogram design

This logotype represents the union and fusion of the letters D (lowercase top left), the letter S and the letter P which, together, give life to the monogram and to the figure of a tooth. Colors also refer to the couple of doctors, black for Di Sante and green for Pellegrino.

The logotype design gives professionalism and a strong attention to detail. The monogram design is followed by the names of the doctors and the tagline “Studio dentistico” to clearly defining the reference sector, strengthening and supporting the tooth symbol. A condensed type was chosen for the fonts, allowing them not to stretch too much and to keep the name’s compact.

design logotype dental surgery office


Logotype design and visual identity.


L’Aquila, Italy.

The green I chose refers to the medical field and the black is not a pure black, and it goes well and gives readability both on light and dark backgrounds.

Logo Design Color Pantone7723CBlack 7C
design logotype dental surgery office
design monogram S, D and P, dental surgery
logotype design dental surgery office

Logotype design for dental surgery

The whole design is serious and professional, and capable of transmitting a strong and immediate reference to the medical dental world.

Visual identity design

The logotype design is presented on real materials and media, such as a business card – with the back for making appointments – and letterhead, and a preview of possible solutions, simple but professional, for the website.

visual identity design dental surgery office

Social media icons

With the logotype, I create icons to be used for social networks, or it can be used effectively alone to identify the company or, again, to create graphics and backgrounds to be used for communication both traditional and digital.

Alternative logotype design proposal

The alternative logotype design proposal represents the initial letters of the name D, S and P, with a reference here too to the tooth symbol. Different fonts are proposed for the names and the tagline.

alternative logotype design proposal

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