Logo brand identity

Review app for home sector companies

Client request

The client request was to create a modern logo brand identity that would transmit trust and professionalism. The customer is a Swiss review platform app (similar to tripadvisor) for companies in the home sector. In addition I create the logo as emblem of quality guarantee. The emblem design must be inserted in HTML badges that companies can insert on their website and for which  I create the design of all formats. The next phase will be the front-end design and development for the whole application, tailored, mobile first and responsive.

Logo brand identity design

This logo design strongly recalls the house symbol. The check icon gives additional value and is the real fulcrum of all the design. its represents the “confirmation” and “security” of professionalism in the construction of houses. The shape of the house symbol also has a strong reference to the planimetry of a building. I used the red color in the check which refers to the red of the Swiss flag since the business will mainly be placed in the Swiss market.

Design logo brand identity app reviews


Logo brand identity for home sector app reviews. Business card and letterhead design, emblem logo design and HTML badge design.





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Logo brand identity app reviews
Design logo brand identity negative version blue

Emblem logo design

I decided to use the “Swiss made” payoff so that it can be understood by everyone without being translated.

“Made in Swiss” payoff is in Swiss red related to the relative flag color and is to be used to support communication and logo brand identity. The icon is also the basis for the design of the emblem which further amplifies the characteristics of safety and trust, transforming the logo into a quality certificate / emblem.

emblem logo brand identity design

Brand identity with letterhead and bc

Here, the logo brand identity is presented on real media, such as business card and letterhead. The color chosen refers to an elegant blue and Swiss red to have a visual and chromatic reference of the market in which the business will act. It also shows possible use of the icon to create patterns and graphic backgrounds to be used to support the identity image.

design logo brand identity letterhead business card design

HTML Badge Desgin

This seal/emblem of guarantee can also be replicated for html badges to be displayed on certified sites, of which a preview and a real example are shown with two different formats and different types. The check symbol can be used to display the ranking (instead of the classic stars) making the reference to the logo brand identity stronger.

html badge design logo brand identity

Alternative logo proposal

Alternative logo design with different fonts have also been created with possibility to insert the shield into the symbol.

alternative logo design idea app building

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