Professional logo design for consulting company

Varese Professionsiti

Customer request

The design request was to create a professional logo design with the initials V and P, which transmitted mainly professionalism, a touch of modernity and with strong reference to the city of Varese (Italy). This business company was founded with the intention of offering a new concept of interdisciplinary consultancy needs of the business world, of associations, and of professionals.

Logo design idea

This professional logo design represents different meanings, some immediately clear as the letter V and the letter P, the initials of the mark. The two letters have been modified to get synergy and overlap, in order to form a single symbol to which both letters belong. Other meanings are less immediate to identify, but show to the observer seriousness and professionalism, being able to be inserted and printed with elegance on various paper supports extending the vertical triangle.
The colors refer to red for the word VARESE with a shade of red associated with the city of Varese and the respective letter V and a gray for the word PROFESSIONISTI. The word Varese stands out from the rest and become more important.


Professional logo design for business.


Varese, Italy.

Sito web

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Compact version of the logo design

Designing a professional logo also means providing multiple versions of the same idea, in this case the symbol can easily be conjugated in a compact version, here proposed with the name inserted inside, which gives the logo the ability to be minimal and the possibility of being used also as a stamp.

Real life examples

Real examples of the use of the logo design in various business office contexts.

Icon design

Three different icon designs are proposed.

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