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Client request

A marketing agency specializing in sport digital innovation, requested a complete startup design agency. Firstly the main request was to have a strong reference to the world of sport, marketing and growth. The name “support” refers to the support that every athlete or sports team needs in the era of digital innovation.

digital branding idea

Three values are transmitted immediately: sport, marketing and growth. First of all the symbol with the arrow and the word “up” refers to digital marketing and to the element of the mountains (understood as growth and as a challenge of digital innovation in sports). Another strong element that shines through is the sporty character, always in motion (inclination of the character) like digital marketing.

The word “sport” is clearly visible and stands out very well in the logo.
In conclusion the branding design is serious and professional, transmitting a strong reference to the sport’s world. Tagline “sport digital innovation” payoff strengthens the reference sector and will support communication and visual identity.

Green color chosen refers to sports playgrounds, while the orange refers to the marketing’s world and the colors match each other well and maintain legibility on both light and dark backgrounds.

digital branding marketing sport agency


Startup design agency, Branding design and print materials.


Varese – Italy.


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digital branding design marketing sport agency
branding design marketing agency
branding design digital sport innovation

Brand symbol

This arrow symbol can also be used separately to create icons to be used for social networks or it can be used effectively alone to identify the company or to create graphics to be used for both traditional and digital communication

digital branding design sport

startup design agency

The brand design is presented on real media, such as business card, letterhead, water bottle flyer and various gadgets, and t-shirt.

digital branding identity design
branding material bottle design sport
branding material portachiavi design sport
branding identity digital design sport

Alternative branding proposal

The alternative brand design variant is finer and more elegant and the upward arrow is less predominant.

additional digital brand design

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