Logo and corporate design for non profit organization

Onlus onc (Milan)

Customer Requested Design

ONC is a non-profit association that helps victims of crime, re-educate the perpetrators and create awareness and prevention projects on criminological interest.
The main request was to create a restyling of the logo, to make the corporate design more modern and contemporary, while maintaining the previous identity and the recognizability of the old logo.

To make the logo and the corporate design for this non profit more professional, we have also created simple and modern business cards with letterhead to be used for institutional documents.
In this way, with a small budget, this non-profit organization could radically improve its image.

Corporate design idea for non-profit organizations

The logo design has a strong similarity and immediate recognition with the previous logo, but with improved readability and now proportionate spaces.
For this non profit association we opted for a logo design that would be adaptable, easily readable in any circumstance, while still maintaining a reference to the previous identity. The final result is a clean, immediate and modern logo, which very well identifies the association by giving it, even with the colors, a “National” character. Icon variants have also been created with only the abbreviation, to be used if it is necessary to reduce the logo to icon only, for social networks or where the print space will be minimal.

logo non profit icon design


Logo design for non profit organization, professional corporate design with letterhead and business card.


Milan, Italy.

Logo Design Color PANTONE 2945 C 7732 C 485 C
Non profit logo for nonprofit organization
Non profit logo design criminology

Negative variant non profit logo

The colors chosen immediately refer to the Italian national ambit of the non-profit organization.

Non profit logo onlus criminology

Modern business card

For a non profit association that deals with sensitive issues, it is very important to have a professional image, clearly readable and spread over multiple support. The negative variant of this logo non profit is used for the back of the business card.

business card design and logo non profit organization

Corporate design for non profit

Corporate designn for Nonprofit organization with business card and letterhead with template creation for Microsoft Word.

corporate design and logo non profit criminology

Website design preview with the new logo

The logo for this non-profit has been inserted into a possible website to get a real preview of its use and show how this design idea already contains many bases to be used in the future.

design sito web non profit

Favicon design

Vengono proposti tre differenti design diversi.

Design icone logo non profit onlus

Alternative logo proposal

During the creation of this non profit logo, two variants of the same logo idea have been submitted. Here an alternative design proposal, pushing more on the concept of stamp and greater analogy with the old logo.

Logo design non profit onlus

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