Cosmetic product logo design

Dark gothic style logo

The Customer request

Product logo design for cosmetics and products specialized in nail beauty reconstruction and make up artist. The request was to create a skull from whose mouth the liquid flow out. Very strong dark gothic style was requested, in order to stand out and their products.

Product logo idea

The Lux Nails products logo refers to a skull, from whose mouth flows liquid that almost touches and falls on the initial letters of the name: “L” and “M”. When you want to create a logo for your product line, it is advisable to insert rules, during the creation of the logo, that allow a reference to the brand, the style and the colors of the visual brand identity. The colors chosen refer to an elegant black and a powder pink.

dark gothic beauty logo design


Logo design of the cosmetic product. Dark Gothic style. Design of labels and boxes


Varese, Lombardia, Italy.

Logo Design Color PANTONE501 CBLACK C
beauty center product logo design
skull product logo
logo make up artist skull gothic dark
logo make up artist

Packaging design examples and labels

Packaging design plays a key role in the sales process and must convey the brand’s identity, style and history. In these examples the dark character of the logo predominates, which is well suited to dark backgrounds, for packaging design and labels produced with a metallic effect.

label packaging product design

Alternative logo idea

During the creation of product logos you will receive to 2 different logo alternatives. Here is also shown a different alternative of the skull: with the lower jaw and more visibility to the teeth, the gold color predominates and the font recalls the arabesque style.

alternative logo

Your product logo is very important for your market!

Are you also in the cosmetic sector that needs to stand out from your competitors? Ask now for a quote for creating a logo for your products!