Beverage Packaging Design

milkshake drink product packaging design with labels

Client Request

This company from Malaysia need to create an attractive and informative beverage packaging design harmony with the brand identity. Adapt these elements to the specific needs of the product and the target audience to maximize the visual and commercial impact. We were also asked to create a scalable design that would take into account numerous different flavors that will be added over time.

Idea packaging design

First of all, the dominant colors should be bright and eye-catching colors, such as shades of blue, green, pink or yellow, to draw attention and create a fresh and lively image. In the foreground, a photo of the finished milkshake, with crushed ice, cream and ingredients visible. This will help show the quality of the product and stimulate the appetite. Intuitive logos and icons were also created to show how to serve the product and its portions. Use intuitive icons to indicate the number of servings contained in the product. For example, small glasses or spoons next to numeric figures.

beverage packaging design


Packaging design for Milkshake drinks, front and back label design, with icons, photos and customized graphics.



drinks packaging design flavours
professional drinks packaging design frappe label flavours

Packaging design with various different flavors

This milkshake beverage will be available in numerous flavor variations (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, etc.), as a result clear and distinctive labels have been created for each variant, with different colors and images associated with the flavour.

professional drinks packaging design frappe label flavours
professional drinks packaging design frappe label flavours
professional drinks packaging design frappe label all flavours

Nutritional Information and Ingredients labels

Positioning this information clearly on the packaging, with legible and easy to understand texts is very important, as is the use of different styles to distinguish key information.

professional drinks packaging design frappe label flavours

Bottle packaging design

In addition to the packaging design for the milkshake drinks, designs were created for the syrup bottles with various different flavors.

beverage packaging design bottle syrup label

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