Packaging box design Velvet

Boxes and sachets design

Client request

After creating the Velvet brand identity design the creation of the entire Packaging Design product was requested. There are four boxes and four sachet design and they represent 4 different flavors. Packaging Design must convey good product quality, define different tastes well and be in line with the brand identity.


Packaging box design idea

We were asked to design the packaging box design of the rectangular box and the sachets inside. First of all I tried to imagine how the boxes and sachets of the packaging could be, and then I created  high quality 3D previews, so it will be easier to apply changes and see the results on a real examples. Each element has a reason, for positions, sizes and colors. The colors will change for every taste: the burgundy color for the cappuccino flavor, the blue color for the milk flavor, dark brown for the mocha flavor and aqua green for the inspire flavor with aromatic herbs.

packaging box design brand


Packaging box Designc offee drink, boxes and sachets for printing.


Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


216 C466 C646 C440 C
packaging box design container sachets design
packaging box design
packaging box design sachet

Packaging is part of Branding

This is the purpose of Packaging design, if done correctly and creatively, is ultimately what sells your product. It’s more than just putting your logo on a package or coming up with a cool label or sticker. It has to grab attention, send a message and make consumers feel a certain feeling.

packaging box design four coffee taste
packaging box cappuccino design
packaging box coffee design

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