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Logo and branding design for accountant consultant

Client feedback

This accountant consultant from Varese requested the creation of a word type logo immediately clear and readable, wit highlighting the initials S and E. In addition, a minimal branding activity was requested with the creation of letterhead, professional business cards and HTML signature.

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First of all the letter E has a reference to the letter F but overturned, the word “Effe” is itself included. The tagline immediately shows the business sector and the font has been modified to become unique. Classic font-type was chosen, serious and moew near to a mature audience.The chosen font will then spread over all the communication and other materials.The design of the logo is well balanced and capable of transmitting a reference to the world of construction and house management.

branding per Studio commercialista


Logo and branding for Studio Effe, accountant and tax consultant in the province of Varese, letter head paper, business card and HTML signature.


Varese, Italy.

CMYK colorsBright red C2728 C5517 C
Progettazione logo e branding per -Studio commercialista
Progettazione logo commercialista
Progettazione branding studiocommercialista

Branding studio effe

A great way to see if a logo works is to see it placed on real media, such as business cards and letterheads, and with a preview of possible solutions for the website. The red color also recalls the area of activity (province of Varese) for this reason it was chosen as the primary color, but blue can also be combined effectively. The logo is very well suited to be used on various types of backgrounds, both monochrome and photographic.

Progettazione branding studio commercialista
identity  ed immagine coordinata Studio commercialista
branding Studio commercialista
Progettazione branding Studio commercialista

alternative ideas …

Alternative logo variants feature different symbols, color variants, and font types.

design alternativo branding commercialista
Progettazione logo branding studio commercialista

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