Company corporate identity

Initials letter logo for a PROJECT MANAGEMENT start-up

Client Request

The customer request was to design a company corporate identity with a initials letter logo, that reflected a strong consistency to the design world, and to represent the following values: masculinity, luxury, modernity and complexity. This activity is focused to the furniture industry and interior decorating, as well the management for complex projects. The technical aspect is predominant.

Initials letter S, C and P

The most important element in a company corporate identity is the logo design, who represents several meanings, some immediately clear as the idea of a circular shape that illustrate the concept of external partners collaborations. The symbol represents the logo initials of the name and surname “Stefano Colombo” in a more clear-cut than the P of “Partners” who has a minor importance. These characteristics have been elaborated creating a unique and sophisticated symbol that represents values such as modernity, luxury and technical expertise. The name Partners have less importance than the main name. Colours used to the brand name are cyan combined with black.

project management company corporate identity design


Professional company corporate identity for a project management company, design of business card and letterhead, logo design with initials letter S, C and P.


Cislago Varese, Italy.

Logo Design Colour PANTONE 7689C K100% K80%
Company corporate identity design
initials company corporate identity
Negative version company corporate identity logo


Customized letterhead and business card, aligned to the logo creation design, to make the corporate image more professional and reliable.

Corporate Identity design - Letterhead Business card


The presentation of the logo design is also made by using real world examples.

Company corporate design poster

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