front-end design for a beauty center website

design of HTML mockups

Client request

This beauty center in Rome requested to have a clean, clear and modern website design that kept the style of the design brand initial letters created.  The front-end design will have to be developed with the latest technologies available to date regarding the use of fluid HTML structures that can automatically adapts  to any device, cause the large amount of different mobile devices available on the market today. The designs will be done based on this mobile-first fluid grid structure.

front-end design idea

First of all I thought that making good use of white to have a clean layout, although for the buttons and some areas I preferred to alternate with black and gold. The main colors from the identity and shades of gray and black play an important role. Icons, images and some important titles will be animated slightly when they pop up while scrolling.

Icons design process took a long time and a custom font was created that included all the visual icons, in order to have a set in harmony with everything, including the logo.

The layout is fluid, with a good ux design responsive, mobile-first and adaptable according to any device, whatever it is. All the website design at the moment only presents 2 variations fonttypes, which is not bad for compressing the loading time of the site also from a seo perspective.

front-end design website


Realization of dynamic website design, ux design, creation of previews and front-end design in HTML mockups.


Rome, Italy.

Website design

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front-end ux design
front-end website design
front-end design ux design
front-end design website ux
realizzazione sitoweb ux design

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