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Client request

The customer’s request was for a restyling of the Lymphatica company logo, which must also contain the tagline “medtech”. The previous logo was unprofessional, home-made, heavy and not modern enough. Lymphatica Medtech has developed the world’s first permanent implant to replace the function of lymphatic vessels in patients suffering from chronic lymphedema.

logo restyling idea

This restyling of the logo merges different meanings together. First of all, a reference to the previous logo, where the icon was at the same time the letter “y” of the naming and the symbol. The symbol has been moved outside the naming, to give more readability to the company name, and at the same time to give more importance to the symbol. That Letter “y” which is also highlighted in the naming with the same colour, is a human figure (more feminine than masculine) which appears light and happy, the flow of the channels of the lymphatic system in the human body, and the external circular shape represents the concept of a shield, protection for health. In conclusion the font created appears to be serious, modern and with a strong reference to the technological world.

Gradient shades are used to further fuel these concepts, especially that of lymphatic flow and to give more modernity and a 3D effect to the logo and the colors refer to the medical field, especially with regards to the shades of aqua green and Veronese green used.

medtech company logo restyling


Restyling of the company logo, business card and letterhead design, logo style guide.


Lausanne, Switzerland.


C80 M10 Y45 K41C80 M10 Y45 K0C85 M42 Y0 K0C98 M85 Y0 K15
Switzerland medtech company logo restyling concept design
Switzerland medtech company logo restyling
Switzerland medtech company logo restyling social icons design

Identity design

The logo icon can also be used separately to create icons to be used for social networks. The logo is presented on real media, such as business cards and letterhead, with a preview of the future responsive website.

identity design medtech company logo restyling

Style guide

The brand style guide is a set of standards that define your company’s logo and refers to logo usage, colors, visual elements, word usage, and more.

medtech company logo restyling style guide
medtech company logo restyling-style guide design

Alternative logo proposal

An alternative version features the symbol instead of the letter “y” as in the original logo.

medtech company logo restyling alternative logo

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