Here is a list of the most frequent questions concerning the process of the logo design e corporate identity design, to which I can already give you an answer. After reading this logo design faq, you have further questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me

I create modern and unique brand identity and identity designs for customers all over the world, elevating through a design process tested in 10 years of experience to maximize customer profits and transmits the correct values referenced to the business.
If you are interested in obtaining a quote, send an identity design request and find out what benefits startups have to collaborate with a professional freelance identity designer.

I have no set price list, but I listen to what potential customers require and I create a unique proposal based on their needs. The best way to get a quote is to send me an email with all the details about your project or to compile the design request.

Remember that you are not simply hiring me to ‘design a logo’, but to listen to your needs and help your business grow.

Yes I do all the work, you will work directly with me. I have no employees or other professionals, except when specified and for the most concern website development activities (programmers, copywriters and translators).

I work with a strong orientation to goals and during the drafting of the offer I will specify the delivery date. The time required is about 3 weeks, because I also work on other projects at the same time. Obviously, the delivery time also depends on your response times and the number of changes that you deem necessary at the stage of final delivery.

Absolutely yes. 95% of my clients are not local clients, so I really feel comfortable to managing projects on long distance. I’ll send all informations regarding the design process by email, we can talk on the phone or in skype (davidecamp) to better share our screens (and our faces), we can share easy color samples,and everything we need to make a great job. No worries.

After sketching out the idea I will submit you 1 main logo idea, which for me is the best, with some different alternatives, based on what was decided during preparation of the brief, and according to the chosen objectives and costs.

Once final logo is finished I will supply you with as many variations as you may need. You will be provided with a brief description of the idea underlying the graphics design.

  • Preview of design
    This will be the basis of the actual design of your logo, and will contain all the work and variations on different backgrounds, here you will also find various sketches of your corporate image. Depending on the type of design your new logo will be represented only by symbol, with and without slogans, with black and white variants, all including an accurate description, to complete the graphic concept and motivations, about my choices in one way rather than another.
  • CMYK Version
    All material that is printed is composed of 4 colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). This version is ideal for printing in any format and on any material.
  • CMYK One Colours Version
    Depending on the design of the logo you can print with only 1 colours, rather than the 4 standard colours. Ideal for printing on specific materials and objects, and to save costs of printing on paper.
  • White / Black (Pure) Variants
    As the title suggests, Also the variants: single- colours white and single-colours black will be supplied. These versions serve if the logo should go on dark or very clear backgrounds and photos. The white colours version is very useful and fits well with coloured backgrounds, which may be of the same colours chosen for the identity. White and black versions resolve very often problems concerning the visibility of the logo on special backgrounds.
  • Colours RGB Version
    Unlike the format for the print (CMYK), this is the format to display in the web and on screen. Transparent PNG and JPG format files will be supplied on a default background, optimized and compressed for the web.
  • Favicon
    This is the name that represents the icon that the browser will display on Internet, with a size of 16 × 16 px. Upon request, I can also supply other sizes according to devices and specific resolutions, and apps for both Apple and Android.
  • Logo Guideline (only upon request)
    With each logo design project, on request, I create a user guide, showing you how to use and get the most out of your new logo. It includes fonts, colours, sizes and details about each file format provide.

You can find the complete description of the supplied files at the page “Professional logo design”.

The copyright will be yours. I reserve the right to display your logo in my portfolio.

Changes are part of the job when you create a design that suits them. During the process of logo design, you will have unlimited possibilities of changes until the desired result is achieved. My job is to create the perfect logo for your new business, and make you proud to use it.

This activity will not be part of my primary services. I can help with a slogan: a short message for your logo.
But when you need texts for brochures or websites, it is not a service included with the logo and identity design service. We can eventually check the activity and provide a tailor-made offer. I work closely with a copywriter and professional translator to increase SEO and corporate identity of my clients. All the details of your core business, the values ​​of strength and the products / services that you intend to communicate to your market, history, mission, services, in short everything you need to get a more effective communication both in terms of SEO and to have a stronger identity. Possibility also to translate the texts created in English German and Spanish.

Yes. Some clients have trusted online printers they already use and simply they need a ready-to-print files to send them. Or, when needed, I can manage the entire printing process for you, verify the print files and the final results with some draft printing, recommending local printers, obtaining offers and controll your project through the end. In this case, I’ll add a small print management fee to the project. You’ll pay the printer’s bill directly, which saves you money since you will not have any charges, and you can build a relation with the printer so you can easily order again directly.

At the beginning of the project, we’ll examine toghethere your goals and fix a design brief. This will be the guide of the logo design process. You will be involved in setting and share those informations and parameters, so you can be confident that your brand identity will be something you will love. Take a look also to my identity portfolio

I have always managed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. In any case I will be available to study your ideas to find the best solution. Of course, it is very important to fill out the brief and provide me more details of your business and your personal tastes, even in terms of colours and logo type. If neither version will satisfy you, it will remain of my rightful property and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part. Without any expense for the customer.

Because your identity, the extension of it, and obviously your logo are extremely important. The logo is the primary element that visually characterizes your activity on public. People have to believe in your business based on what they see, and your logo is the image that best represents you.
Logos are everywhere: they are on every business card, brochure, ad, website, bag, menu, postcard, social media page and many other materials and gadgets. Your logo is always at work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Marketing your business and helping customers to get a good impression of it, and to convey trust. So you need a talented logo designer with the right experience to provide you an exceptional result.


For our graphic studio each project represents a new challenge for the development of quality visual solutions. The basis for this is provided by our conceptual, graphic and technical know-how. Startup design pro offers professional graphic design services to your business and products. Thanks to our many years of experience and a vast network of clients, we bring your product image to the next level. Based on your idea, we take charge of the entire process from design to delivery and offer customized solutions for corporate design and printing.

A professional logo with an identity design with an impactful and unique website design is certainly the best choice to show your new startup design to the public. Whether to best present your idea to potential investors, or to launch a specific product or service directly online.

To make a product or service attractive for the market, we offer a list of graphic startup design services that will help your visual comunication and will correctly reflect your strengths and style.

Logo design

Logo restyling

Visual Design

Identity Design

Logo style guide


Web Design

Wordpress design

Logo and Identity design process

Designing an effective logo is not a quick or easy process. It requires research, thought, care and attention to ensure that the final logo is addressed to the correct market and communicate the right message and values. A poorly designed logo will have a negative effect on the perception of your business, but a carefully designed logo will be able to turn a business or a start-up, attracting right people and the customers.

Below I’ve prepared an overview of the accuracy of the process of the logo design that I apply to my projects, which in my opinion, has the best and most effective results to help boost the potential of your business or product. As a logo designer, I’m proud of the positive testimonials received from each customer at the end of a project.

As a logo designer, I’m proud of the positive testimonials received from each customer at the end of a project.

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