Visual brand identity

Beauty center

Customer request

A beauty center and salon academy in the province of Varese, asked to us a new visual brand identity to showcase its specialized services in gel and acrylic nail reconstruction, reconstruction academy courses and product sales.
The request was to give to the logo design and corporate identity a dark and gothic soul, and that it was very clearly distinction from the mass.

Brand identity development

Logo design provided in different variations depending on the uses: Only name when the size will be small and small; Full version with name and frame.
Both the symbol and the font created have a strong harmony with the female world. Emblem is the format type I chosen for this logo and the emblem frame has floral references.  Fonts and text styles always plays a fundamental role in the creation of identity design and in this case the font created maintain a strong consistency with the symbol and with the business sector. This consistency  will also be replicated for any materials, such product logos in order to maintain harmony with the company logo proposed here. The logo is presented on real supports, such as business card, letterhead and shop sign and colors chosen refer to an elegant black and a powder pink.

visual brand identity - icon beauty center


Visual brand identity and Logo design for a beauty center. Business card design and letterhead.


Varese, Italy.

Logo Design Color PANTONE501 CBLACK C
visual brand identity beauty center
gothic dark visual identity design
signboard shop beauty center visual identity

Letterhead and business card

Digital and online communication is now the first topic, but it is still very important that also a small company has a professional visual brand identity, composed of business cards, papers and other materials. The floral pattern can be used very effectively to give life to backgrounds and graphics to be used also on media, such as price lists, covers social pages, websites.

visual brand identity beauty center varese
business card visual brand identity

Alternative proposal

There is also an alternative variant of the logo with “arabesque” symbol instead of “flower” and different font. During the creation of the visual brand identity you will receive to 2 different logo variants, based on what we decide in the brief drafting phase, and based on the costs and targets chosen.

alternative logo identity

Your visual brand identity will really convey your business!

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