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A professional online logo designer needs an amount of informations about his client.

To create the perfect identity design, please fill out design request form in every part of it, and be as accurate as possible to list and describe all the information you need. More information will give me about your business and your tastes, more the design job will be done better and faster. Succeeding to satisfy you and create the perfect logo design for you.

After the online logo design request, I will reply with a formal offer, with a precise indication of the times and date of delivery of the required media and formats.

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With each online logo design, on request, I also create a guide that will show you how to use your new logo. It will include fonts, colors, dimensions and details info. here you can see an example.

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Are you looking for an online logo designer?

I’m Italian online logo designer and identity designer. Would like to have unique and modern designs for your start-up or company? See how we professional design logos!