Brand Design Lugano

Hair boutique Shana Lopez

Client request

For the opening of a new hair boutique hairdresser in Lugano in Switzerland, all the material was required to have an impactful, captivating brand identity design able to attract new customers. In addition to the creation of the logo design, I also took care of the creation of other elements of the brand identity and the future store in Lugano such as: professional business card, letterhead, forex for the interior of the store, window stickers, gift card and flyers.

brand design idea

The logo design perfectly blends together the letter “S” (the initial of the name SHANA), and the letter “L” (the initial of the surname LOPEZ) to become a single symbol that immediately represents the activity of Hair Boutique through the representation of the scissors symbol that refers to the activity, and to a change of professional and modern look.
The initial letters are prevalent in the symbol while the scissor is seen only later.

First of all, the design of the brand identity refers to a luxury and mature market, and the name Shana Lopez has been handwritten as if to represent the signature of a hair stylist artist and can also be used alone to identify the brand.

The tagline makes the business sector immediately clear, and has been specially created with a very different font than the name, which recalls the world of fashion and allows it to be read even at a small size.

I preferred to leave white as predominant, even in the printing materials, in order to convey cleanliness and precision, as well as being in harmony with the interior design of the boutique. The black used tends to a very dark brown, which goes well with the ocher and white colors. The logo adapts easily to both dark and light backgrounds but the variants on a white background are to be used as primary.

design brand identity hair boutique lugano ticino svizzera


Brand design for an Hair Boutique in Lugano, business cards, letterheads, shop window designs, forex panels design, gift cards and flyers


Lugano, Ticino – Switzerland.


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design brand identity hair boutique lugano ticino svizzera
design brand identity hair boutique lugano
brand design lugano hair boutique ticino svizzera
design adesivi negozio vetrina brand identity hair boutique
design brand identity hair boutique formato orizzontale
design brand identity hair boutique
design logo icone social network hair-boutique
design brand identity hair boutique formato orizzontale

White forex design

The logo symbol is enhanced and used inside the shop, through cut-out white forex.

design forex fustella brand identity hair boutique

Design Brand Identity

The brand design is presented on real media, such as business card and letterhead, with a preview of possible solutions for the gift card and future website.

brand design lugano hair boutique

Pricelist design

We have also created the design of the customized price list with qr code to directly view the videos of the various treatments available.

design listino prezzi hair boutique lugano

Alternative logo design proposals

Alternative logo variants always show an assembly of the letters “S” and “L”. Different fonts and different shades of color are also offered.

design alternativi logo parrucchiere

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