Company identity design for a Swiss start-up in Lugano

Urban city ​​planning

Design request

Urban Insight is a start-up in Lugano (Switzerland) that projects urban planning and innovation districts. The design request was to have a modern company logo design (denominative type) to offer a strategic consulting service to develop innovative geographies at a global level. The request include also to create the company identity design with a business card, letterhead and a responsive  minimalist website.

Logo design idea

This company identity design immediately recalls the concept of “urban” and is a “denominative” type (the name of the brand itself becomes the logo).
The font has been elaborated to give greater contrast and strength to the design. A company logo design perfectly symmetrical, minimalist, and at the center is placed the symbol (yellow circle) with inside the letters “in” that stand out immediately for the negative contrast. The symbol gives immediate recognition, and is a valid graphic element to be combined with design for printing or for the web.


Company identity design with letterhead minimalist design, modern business card design and responsive website design.


Lugano, Switzerland.

Website Design

Logo Design Color PANTONEYellow 012CK 90

Company identity design Adaptability

The company logo shows an infinite ability to adapt to different backgrounds, both of different colors and photographs.

Modern company business card

Modern and minimalist business card design, front and back for all the people that need it.

Awesome letterhead design

Company letterhead design in A4 format, both for digital PDF documents and for formal communications such as invoices or legal letters.

Company icon design

The company logo design is converted in a Symbol in different styles.

Responsive company website design

I replicate the style and colors of the company logo also for the design of the new website, where the circular shape, which is used as the basis for the logo symbol, is often recalled and used for buttons and other design elements.

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