company logo restyling


Client request

The client needed to create a restyling of the TANG company logo, a subsidiary based in Croatia named “Tang”. This branch is part of the Eurozappa Group. Tang, located in Nova Gradiska in Croatia, is present on international markets thanks to its specialization in hot stamping.

restyling idea

This company logo takes up the old TANG logo, making the new brand recognizable and at the same time making it more modern. I chose a solution that was familiar with the old logo because it seemed like the best choice to give new life to the brand while maintaining its history. The brand recalls various concepts and has different references: first of all a harmony and similarity with the old logo, then with the orange color which is a clear reference to eurozappa, and lastly the concept of heaviness, technique and precision referring to the sector of industrial mechanical processing. With some letters such as G for example, I also wanted to give a reference to the world of agriculture and heavy agricultural machinery.

company logo restyling Tang


Industrial company logo restyling and business card design.




CMYK colorsC0 M70 Y100 K0K 50K 90
company logo restyling
company logo restyling on orange background

3D gradient

The concept of the mechanical industry is enhanced by the variation of the logo with 3D shades, which can be used to support the identity, creating backgrounds and graphics to further strengthen the visual identity of the brand and the related values ​​to be communicated.

company logo restyling on dark background

Social icons design and corporate identity

First of all, the logo icon is represented by the initial T and can also be used separately to create icons to be used for social networks. The logo is presented on real media, such as business cards and letterhead, with a preview of a possible design for the website in line with the identity. The alternative logo variant is presented with a different naming design and style.

company logo restyling social icons design
company logo restyling identity design
company logo restyling and identity design
company logo restyling alternative logo

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