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Client request

Branding startup design for accountant freelance who provide fiscal and tax assistance, accounting, data processing and corporate transactions. Logo format with initial letters “F” and “M”. The logo must also be very personal, original and professional. In addition, the creation of other materials to support branding design was requested, such as: business card, email signature in HTML and letterhead design.

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In the design of the graphic symbol, the initials of the brand such as the F and M of Federica Mingardo are immediately identifiable. The shape of the symbol is a reference to the simplification of the bureaucracy which is represented with a sort of labyrinth (especially the Italian one).

First of all the M and the letter F assemble in a harmonious and balanced way, conveying professionalism. The logo design is offered in two distinct variants and can be used with central symbol or with a symbol on the right. The tagline was expressly done in another color to stand out from the main name and to enhance readability.

freelance accountant branding design


Branding design for freelance accountant logo with business card, letterhead and HTML signature.


Varese, Italy.

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startup branding freelance accountant
branding design freelance accountant
startup branding Design commercialista

startup Branding identity

A good way to see if a logo works well is to see it placed on real media, such as business card, letterhead, email signature i HTML and with a preview of possible solutions, simple but professional, for the website. Orange color chosen is young and suits the type of business of the activity. The created symbol lends itself very well to being used as a background or as an icon that immediately identifies the activity.

startup branding design accountant
startup branding design freelance accountant.
startup branding design freelance accountant-html-signature
business card startup branding design freelance accountant.

Alternative logo ideas…

The alternative logo ideas show a different assembly of the letters “F” and “M” with different fonts and color palette.

alternative branding ideas design freelance accountant

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