Christmas card design

Concept design

Client request

The European Space Agency better known as ESA contact me tocreate a complete new concept design for their Christmas greeting card that they will ship all over the world. The request was to create something completely new compared to the classic Christmas cards.

Tend card design

My idea of the concept design will have to give a new life and purpose to the classical Christmas card, maintaining a strong harmony and coherence with the previous versions and with ESA’s visual identity. First of all, I would like to to create an object that: interacts with the recipients by involving them, ensures greater durability of the card avoiding, as often happens, it being trashed, remaining on the recipients’ desks for the duration of the holidays and giving more prominence to the image ESA of the year by transforming the card into a tend-card to be placed on the desk.

The correct assembly is also passively illustrated by the correct conjunction of the coloured lines, which represent the 4 areas of the ESA’s sectors, once the slit locking tab is correctly inserted.
In conclusion, to better show how the assembly works the rocket and the planet are other elements that led the recipient to act (to get the rocket reach the planet). After the correct assembly of the Christmas Card only the coloured lines with the tagline “Keep space on your desk” will be visible on the support base.

Concept design biglietto di natale


Tend Christmas card design.


Frascati – Rome, Italiy

Concept design biglietto di natale
schema concept design biglietto di natale
Concept design biglietto di natale
Concept design biglietto di natale
Concept design biglietto di natale

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