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Artist’s gallery website, catalog and identity design

Client request

The request was to create a responsive website that served as an art gallery of the artist, and which effectively showed all types of works and sculptures on any device. It was also necessary to apply changes to the logo design, to the identity image, by creating a modern business card and a complete design catalog for  the artist’s works.

Graphic design and responsive web design development

After the restyling of the logo design and of the identity image, I started to work on the development of the website, with a modern design that can be used by all mobile devices. There are more than 100 works and sculptures divided into categories. The design of the list of works has been studied in detail to always provide an optimal view of the item on the list and on its detail.

Logo restyling and identity design

The logo has been updated to maintains its original appearance. For the identity design I developed the design of the business card, letterhead and envelopes. Posters were also made for the various exhibitions and obviously a modern design of the catalog of works was made. The colors have been specially chosen both to represent the contrast given by the sculpture, the negative and the positive, and to represent the material most used by the artist, that is the White Marble of Carrara. Pure black and white, with some shades of gray.


Graphic design and website development, web design responsive, gallery of works, logo restyling, identity design with business card, letterhead and envelopes. Catalog design of the artist’s works.


Varese, Italy.

Professional web design

Catalog design

Download the catalog

Logo Design Color PANTONEK100K70

Variant of the restyling logo on white background

The logo is shown in the variant on a white background to be used in the catalog and on the letterhead.

Professional business card

Professional front and back business card design. Each back is different and presents images of the artist and his works.

Letterhead and envelopes design

The graphic study of the identity image is enriched with important elements for communication such as: Letterhead, Envelopes and obviously a professional business card.

Web design responsive

Professional and responsive web design to best represent the multitude of works in the gallery with different formats and dimensions. Study of the list of works created on the grid with automatic centering of the single work, in order to ensure optimal visualization on any type of device.

Artist’s catalog design

When we started to work on the design of the catalog, we started from a graphic ideas that gives harmony with the identity image. The format is square, to give more balance to both vertical and horizontal works. The style with strong emphasis on the works being always on a dark background. Each image has been photographed and cutted out with precision.

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